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Set up by association The Fountain of Religions

This association brings together Christians, Catholics and protestants, but also Muslims, Jews and Sikhs, in an inter religious dialogue.

Why “around the world ?

Our district is a world mirror with a high ethnic mixity (Jews from Poland, Armenians, Kabyls, Algerians, Jews from Tunisia, West Africans, Jugoslavians, Spanish, Indians, Pakistanies, Chinese and with a high associative social tradition.

For sure, there is tolerance, but indifference is here too.

Walking together is our contribution to living together, it is to say that religions can express friendship, peace and harmony.

Walking together means meeting, it is to know each other, it is to know how to fight fears and ignorance.

Walking together is to make a difference between what is happening at home and what is happening everywhere in the World. It is to be in the framework of French secularism.

Walking together is simply how to learn how to live together.

How is Around the World organized ?

The first Around the World took place in 2005

2005: Walking in the area of Belleville, with all cultures, languages and religions of the area

2006: Walking for respect along Boulevard de Belleville, going from religious building to religious building. and stopping at each of them.

2007: We set up our “village of religions” at Menilmontant Crossing, with 6 tents and an exposition on Monotheisms. We invited people to play on religion game.

2008 (June 14/15) On Saturday we will be at the District Festival. The theme will be ”Messages”. People will have the opportunity to write a message in a large book. On Sunday 15th, these written messages will be presented at the three local religious centres (St Joseph’s church, the Omar mosque, the  Picoulet Protestant Centre

What about tomorrow?

In Paris, we have to continue.

This way is modest but also symbolic. We have to organize other activities and we want to build a relationship of confidence with the Jewish community.

We want to create a “religions for peace for Paris” group  and work with other groups walking around Paris.

And a dream : Why not organize a inter-faith Walks allover Europe, on the same day, and  on day around the world ?

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